We have big news to share with you: Today we’re launching EyeEm Videography, which lets you upload and sell videos on EyeEm.

For the past months, we’ve been testing this new format with a selected group of EyeEm community members – and have received very enthusiastic feedback. That’s why we’re opening up the EyeEm Videography early creators program to the entire community. All of you can now upload your videos, the best of which we’ll make available for brands and agencies to license.

Just as for photos uploaded to EyeEm, we are using our in-house computer vision engine to automatically keyword all contributions. And just like the photos you sell on EyeEm Market, we’ll split the revenue for videos 50/50 between you and us. (Please note that review times for videos will be a bit longer than they are for photos.)

Videos aren’t fully integrated into the EyeEm experience yet: For the time being, videos won’t show up on your profiles. We’re working hard to bring them to our app and website very soon.

5 to 45 seconds in length

Because of our origin as a photo community, we’re approaching video from a photographer’s perspective. This means we’re considering videos not as movies or an array of sequences, but rather as moving photos: Brief videos of single moments, untouched and raw, and between 5 and 45 seconds in length.

Browsing video.eyeem.com gives you a good impression of what subjects we’re looking for: Our focus is on clips featuring aerial shots, food, nature, urban environments, and travel.

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