Чтобы повысить качество ваших мобильных фотографий необходимо в полной мере освоить ручные настройки камеры вашего смартфона. Полезным будет также знать о приложениях, позволяющих регулировать настройки вашей камеры.

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Automatic camera modes have significantly improved over time, but any photographer with experience in manual settings will be well aware that a completely automatic camera mode is at best a tool for specific times and places and at worst an attempt to cram a vast array of photographic situations into a one-size-fits-all tool. Thus, an automatic camera mode may ultimately deteriorate the quality of all photos taken for the sake of user simplicity.

The universality of by-default automatic cameras is ultimately a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it is hard to imagine consumers ever incentivizing device and software manufacturers to promote manual photography. The general consumer prefers ease of use and a device that “just works” over something that might require constant adjustments. This is understandable, however, a great number of devices and applications either come with or support manual camera controls.

If you have ever struggled desperately against an automatic camera to produce an accurate or desirable photo, taking the leap into manual photography has the potential to benefit you immensely. It also is typically necessary to shoot in manual mode if one wants to shoot in RAW, something I have previously argued as being a boon to the potential quality of smartphone photography. Hence, I will guide you through how to use manual camera controls so you can improve your photography skill.