Фильтры в Инстаграм придумали для ленивых пользователей. Ленивых, в смысле отказывающихся использовать инструменты редактирования самого приложения.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.thrillist.com

In your rush to post the perfect shot of that #sinful stack of pancakes at #brunch, did you thoroughly check that your contrast levels were on point, and the glare from the windows in the background didn’t totally blow out the details? Or did you just slap on a Valencia filter and call it a day?

There’s nothing wrong with rushing through post-production in pursuit of those tasty, tasty likes, but ever wonder what you could be doing better? We asked our photo editor Drew Swantak (on Instagram, @drewswantak) for expert tips on how to get past Insta-filters, which often do more harm than good to your photos, by doing a custom edit job yourself. Time to turn your #nofilter into #profilter.